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Non Profits


At Buynuse, we believe we can improve people's lives through business. We understand it is imperative for our company to operate responsibly and know that you want to buy and sell on a platform that works hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all that it does. Our efforts are focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that's consistent with our core values. We'll continue to travel this path and communicate with you along the journey.
Our company is built from the group up around the idea of giving back. We accept free products for donations and more such products people upload, the more we donate.


Buynuse works with non-profits, charities and individuals dedicated to helping the in-need communities. We understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our non-for-profit partners.

Sustainable. Our non-for-profit partners work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future

Local. We seek locally staffed and led organizations that have a long-term commitment to the regions where they work.

Need. Buynuse support furthers our non-profit partner long-term goals and is integrated into their programs.

Evolving. Buynuse is committed to improving our giving back by continually evolving. We look for partners who can report back to us on how we can improve.

Neutral. Buynsue products and services are provided to help people in need. Our partners do not distribute them with any religious or political affiliations.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to us at