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Buy Sell Local

We love local!

Our platform offers convenience, Best of all, you can feel good about buying from and also selling to your neighbors. And when you buy and sell local, it helps ensure a strong future for local products.

How do we define local? Well, mostly we like to leave it up to our customers. Generally though, we try to use state lines.

Wheel and deal on collectibles, vintage clothing, sporting goods, even real estate - all with people you know and trust in the comfort and privacy of your living room or study. The benefits don't stop with these intangibles. There are lots of concrete advantages to buying and selling locally. Here are few of our favorites.

A Friendly Connection
You can meet the person whom you are doing business with. Of course, you control if, when and where it happens.
Supporting local businesses helps connect the local community to the people who produce these products. It also helps keep us stay connected to the unique flavors and diversity of local creations.
Preserving Character
Individuals and small businesses are a valuable component of a community’s character, helping maintain heritage, diversity and moderate development. Local product producers help create products that feature the flavors, smells and textures of a community – and are great for sharing with out-of-town people.
The Test Drive
Whether you're dealing with a car, a mattress, or a tennis racket, you can actually touch and try out your item before you put down cold hard cash. For sellers with product as promised, that makes closing the deal that much easier.
Spontaneous Delivery
Package delivery in your neighborhood may not be instantaneous, but you definitely won't have to wait two to six weeks if you buy something locally. You can agree to drop off or pick up the sale item at one of your homes, or meet at a convenient middle-of-the-road spot.
A Step Ahead of Scams
Knowing whom you do business with, face-to-face transactions, simpler lines of communication-these qualities of reduce your risk of getting with scam artists.
Boost the Local Economy
Minimizing handling and transportation costs gives producers maximum return on their investment. And most of the money spent on local production stays in the community, helping to boost the local economy.
It helps locals keep their jobs
Most people who work in local businesses live locally. By buying from these places, you help your neighbors keep their jobs and that benefits your whole community.

So there you have it. Buying and Selling locally, you can enjoy an old-fashioned sense of community, while enjoying the high-tech benefits of convenience, safety, and comfort that come with the web shopping.