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Bring people together! Create a Buynuse Event to connect to your audience

Utilizing Buynuse events option is a great way to promote your upcoming event online. With an online event page, you will be able to create buzz with content including photos; build a relationship with attendees; and target your key audience. If you have event coming up, here’s why you should consider setting up a Buynuse event page:

Build a Buzz around your event

Once something is posted on Buynuse, the news can spread before you know it. A ‘like’ here, a ‘share’ there, and soon a single attendee’s Buynuse friends will all know about the event. If the content and photos that are posted on the Buynuse event page are engaging enough, attendees will also share the event content in their feed. With Buynuse built-in promotion and social sharing tools, you could see it pop up elsewhere online in no time at all.

Build relationship with attendees

By creating buzz on a Buynuse event page, you will also be able to create a relationship with the attendees. You can thank them for attending or can also build up the excitement for the next big event by sharing that information on the event page.

Easily update important information

A Buynuse event page is the best place to post all of the key information for the event including where to buy tickets, where it will take place, and the date and time of course. If there is a change in event, you can easily edit the information. You can make edits leading up to the event. However, once the event begins, you will not be able to edit the event details.

Promote your Event Outside of Buynuse

You’re going to want to spread the love across multiple social networks. So why limit your promotional efforts? Spread the word about your event across all of your social media channels, your website and even offline. Your Buynuse Events page will serve as the information hub where people can learn more and get specifics.

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Tips to get the most out of Buynuse event

While traditional marketing tactics such as print advertising are a great way to promote an event, setting up a Buynuse event page is entirely free. Here are some of the ways in which you can make most out of Buynuse event. The only payment you have to do is in terms of time. A little time investment on your part in addition to regular updates and postings is sure to provide a huge mileage to your event.

✓ Choose an event photo. The event photo should compel people to want to find out more. That means your photos should be eye-catching and relevant. For example, if you’re hosting a party to celebrate your parents 10th wedding anniversary, you’d probably want your photo to be festive and incorporate the 10 years somehow. The purpose of your event should be clear from the photo.

✓ Use a clear and short event name. Not only does naming your event help it stand out, but it also makes it easier for people to remember and talk about with their friends.

✓ A Clear & Thorough Description. Your description is where you’ll give important details for your event such as pricing, special guests and the schedule. You can also include compelling copywriting to boost the attendance. If you’re selling tickets to your event, add your event’s ticketing provider website link to the Description field. This makes it easier for people to buy tickets and unlocks the ability to create ads optimized to drive ticket sales.

Include relevant keywords. Don’t limit yourself to just branded keywords. For instance, if you’re hosting a music concert, you could include the genre as a tag.

✓ Add a location. Start typing the name of the venue, and Buynuse will autocomplete it with suggestions.

✓ Set a specific date and time. This tip will help people plan ahead, and also keep you organized.

✓ Input keywords to make it easier for people to find your event.

✓ Public vs. Private. When you set up a Buynuse event, you have the option of choosing whether it is a public or private event. If you prefer to have a small gathering, make it a private event and send out invitations to your closest friends. By comparison, if you want to have a big party or some other type of event that needs people there, make it a public event. This allows anyone to register for the event.