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If you use Buynuse often to post in Mobile, Motors, Electronics Jobs or Home & Real Estate, you could benefit from opening a Buynuse business account. Buynuse Business Account is for commercial sellers. You’ll save money and receive extra services from us.

Benefits of a business account

✔   Discounted prices for posting more products

✔   An account manager dedicated to you and your business

✔   Tailor-built packages to suit you

✔   Different ways to pay

If you’d like to know more, email us at

Business Promotion

Buynuse Media

Buynuse gives you a better way to reach a group of customers who are ready to buy and gives you unparalleled access to an active community that is in the market right now. Through our comprehensive data, Buynuse offers mass reach that delivers real results for businesses.

Data driven approach

Buynuse comprehensive data provides valuable insights into the behavior of buyers, sellers and browsers. Our access to high quality first-party data ensures more confident and effective targeting. The advantage of Buynuse is that businesses can reach a data enriched audience that is online and ready to buy. With 100% real-time data, it’s a unique and cost-effective way to engage the customers that matter most.

Buynuse Community

Buynuse community gives businesses access to a group of active buyers – from motor enthusiasts looking for their next car to busy parents trying to find just what they need. Our extensive data allows you to create audiences designed specifically for your business objectives, and reach them programmatically.

To tap into new opportunities and to know more about our solutions for the businesses, click Buynuse for Business